The Rationale Behind The 21-Day Stand & Walk Challenge

Most of us are chronic sitters. We sit for almost 8-10 hours daily. Our bodies were meant to move; movement is in our DNA.

However, our health suffers due to technological advancements, as most of us are glued to our computers in a hunched-over position!

A study labeled chronic sitting as the new smoking. Besides sitting, we also lead an overall sedentary lifestyle.

The average step count for most people is less than 3,000 steps, which is categorized as sedentary.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you need to build habits.

Not just one habit, but about a dozen key health & fitness habits which, when mastered, will help anyone achieve their health & fitness goals and maintain them possibly for life.

It's a good idea to isolate these habits and tackle them one by one.

Twenty-one days is a good enough time to build a habit (however, it's not enough and often requires a maintenance phase which I will discuss later in this guide). 

Details of The Stand & Walk Challenge

What was the challenge?

Participants had to refrain from consuming sugar-calories for 21 days, from 15th November 2021 to 05th December 2021.

What was the aim of this challenge?

The aim of this challenge was two-fold:

1) Help people inculcate adequate walking into their daily routine. At least 8k+ steps daily.

2) Save them from the detrimental effects of chronic sitting, by educating & inspiring them to include more standing in their lifestyle.

Why 21 Days?

Habits take time to build. Research has proven that it takes approximately 21 days to imbibe a habit.