SHRED PRO- The Ultimate Fat-Loss Solution

Ideally Suited for People who have High Body Fat Percentages

If you want to lose more than 20 lbs [8 KG] of Body Fat than this COURSE is for YOU

When it comes to losing weight, most people make these 3 common mistakes:

Mistake No #1: Doing Excess Cardio

More is NOT better when it comes to cardio. Actually thats true for anything…really! But why do people go crazy doing hours of hours of cardio to lose weight and get healthy?

They go by this logic: If they burn ‘X’ amount of calories per day, they create a deficit of ‘Y’ amount and therefore they lose ‘Z’ amount of body fat per week.

Well, they are right about the calorie part, but wrong about the choice of their activity. EH?

Here’ why:

-Excess cardio causes heart damage

-Excess cardio causes loss of lean muscle, which slows down your metabolism significantly

-Excess cardio causes muscle imbalances which is a potential injury waiting to happen

-Excess cardio causes weight gain, because excess cortisol* is released when you do excess cardio

*Cortisol is a stress hormone which due to excess cardio is released in very quantities and it signals the brain to store more fat.

Mistake No #2: Avoiding Heavy Weights or Weight Training Altogether

The general perception with weights is that it will make you bulky and people believe that by lifting weights they will start to look like a bodybuilder.

Thats so untrue!

Muscle is like a piece of iron, its small and dense whereas fat tissue is like cotton. Natural bodybuilding is a long process and it takes time to build lot of muscle to look like a bodybuilder.

I have been lifting heavy weights for a very long time now and I am quite lean! Unless someone is taking steroids or other drugs they cannot look buffed.

LADIES! Weights will make you thin, toned and sexy and never bulky. Females have very little testosterone levels as compared to men. Don’t be scared of weights! Keep calm and lift heavy :)

Mistake No #3: Following Fad Diets

Did you know that more than 95 percent of dieters who lose weight on a fad diet gain it back? And a significant percentage gain back even more than they had originally lost!!

Hey, I am not trying to discourage you here. What I am suggesting is to open your mind and look at the subject of weight loss with a new perspective.

Let me say this: If a fitness plan, or a diet has not been working for you in the last few months, it won’t work for you in the future.

Do you think that by:

-Starving yourself with low-caloric bland boring diets or

-Spending hundreds of dollars on worthless supplements every month or even

-Spending couple of hours everyday on Treadmills/Recumbents doing painful cardio is the way to go lose weight and get that sexy body?


I created ‘SHRED’ because I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes I did and waste your Precious Years!

The FOCUS of this Course is : AGGRESSIVE FAT LOSS and retaining or even building some lean muscle.

But do so, in a very intelligent manner i.e. cycling through Three Different Phases over the course of 18 weeks.

Here’s what you’ll get with SHRED-The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution Course:

3-Phase SHRED Workout Plans

Each Phase aka The Burner, The Cruiser & The Booster are 6 weeks long! They all serve a unique purpose and are specifically designed to do just that.

You’ll be only working out with weights 3 times a week! No more!

Total time commitment with SHRED fitness routine is no more than 6 hours a week! That’t not even 5% of your entire week.

Phase 4: The Shredder Phase Workout & Diet Plan

This Phase is for ANYONE who wants to:

-Become Shredded i.e. Go from 12% Body fat to 6-8% Body Fat.

-Will also work for ANYONE who has plateaued and can't seem to progress no matter what they do!

This PHASE employs advanced workout and diet principles & strategies to kickstart growth in the body.

-Carb loading, refeeds, carb cycling, special recovery methods are explained and much more3-Phase SHRED Calorie-Counted Weekly Nutrition & Diet Plans

Every meal, every calorie, counted for you! No Guesswork.

High Protein Meals, Low Carb Meals, Indian Meals, Mediterranean or Continental menu are all provided.

Are you a Non-Vegetarian and still prefer protein supplements? You are covered. [Or]

Are you a Vegetarian who prefer to workout without using protein supplements? Don't worry you are covered too!

Bonus-1: SHRED-The Nutrition Guide

This nutrition guide contains more than 40 mouth watering recipes—both main meals & snacks, most of which I personally cook and consume! Further, exact steps on how to calculate your TDEE, nutritional tips, supplementation guidelines, and a shopping list are all included in this guide.

Bonus 2: SHRED-Tracker Sheets

Daily Meal Tracker, Weekly Goals Tracker and Goal Analysis Sheets etc are given to keep you accountable and motivated throughout the program.

Bonus 3: Weekly Motivational & Educational Emails

Emails straight to your inbox packed with information that will keep you inspired and on track throughout the program.

Bonus 4: 4 Additional FBX Workout Routines & Formats to Choose From

Think about this…..

Just ONE session with a personal trainer will set your wallet aback by ($25-$75) depending upon where in the world you reside!

Train with him/her for just 3 months (3 times a week) and you are looking at a bill of $1000 or more.

SHRED PRO will only cost you $67 for Lifetime Access! That’s just $2.7/week. [ SHRED PRO is a 24 week program]

Yes, just $2.7 a week!

For a program that is a result of my ‘over a decade of research’ through trails and errors and by spending thousands of thousands of dollars on the best certifications, scientific books, journals, and then relentlessly applying the strategies, tools and philosophies on myself and hundreds of the clients I trained both at my health club and otherwise ……

Why Am I literally giving it away for so cheap? My Answer is real simple….

My Mission is to reach out to millions of people and help them save time, effort & their hard-earned money from the mis-information. I just don't want them to make the same mistakes I made.

I want everyone reading this to be able to afford it comfortably.

Building your ‘Fabulous’ Physique doesn’t have to be expensive.

Give SHRED PRO a try for 30 Days and see if it works for you or not.

Your Friend & Coach,


P.S: Comparison of SHRED & SHRED PRO:

Your Instructor

Akash Sehrawat
Akash Sehrawat

Akash is Founder & Creator at which has been featured in The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen. He also writes on Quora and his answered has garnered more than 12 million views in less than a year!

Akash is a Holistic Health Practitioner and board certified from American Alternative Medical Association. He also has two certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)—Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

He is also a best-selling course instructor on Udemy with 2500+ positive reviews and more than 50,000 students.

Akash has more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry in various positions— personal trainer, yoga and nutritional expert. In 2010, he got an opportunity to open his own health club under the name of Jovenus Fitness which he helped thousands of people to get Lean, Fit & Healthy.

Akash is also an author of three books which can be found on Amazon.

Course Curriculum

  Advanced Ab Videos for Blocky Six-Pack Look
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to join a gym in order to start with program SHRED PRO?
Yes. Weight Training is the most efficient way to build muscle and lose fat. However, if you have a home gym you would need the following equipments: Pair of dumbbells heavy enough for you to stay within the rep range of 5-10. A barbell, free weights, a multi-incline bench. A power rack (ideal for your safety when you are performing squats or benching.) If you don't have access to a gym or these equipments at home, then I highly recommend you try out my [0-20] Fat-Loss Transformation program which only requires a set of dumbbells.
The recommended weight session per week is limited to 3 times, can’t I workout more than 3 times a week?
I strongly believe that Weight training 3 times a week is the optimal frequency one go for and I advise you to stick to it for great results. However if you are conditioned by conventional wisdom to train 5-6 times a week I don't blame you. Now, the total volume of each body part however is even more important. For example, the total volume for shoulders is between 7—12 sets per week. For most people this would be too less when compared with most common bodybuilding programs which recommend something between 18—24 sets per week per body part. Thats way too much! For people with average genetics and who are not on drugs or steroids, thats overtraining. That’s why people don't progress and thats one of the most fatal mistakes I made. By the majority of your reading this have average genetics (like me) and are not on steroids/drugs and therefore this volume and frequency will work wonders for you.
What kind of results can I expect from SHRED PRO?
Program SHRED is divided into phases. Each phase has a specific milestone for you to achieve. In the end the idea to lose lot of fat and ideally bring it close to 10% while preserving precious lean muscles. Doing so is not a straight line and will require some intelligent strategies and techniques in each phases. Results will depend upon your genetics (yeah they do matter but not as much as you think), your focus and consistency throughout the program besides few other variables. An average fat loss of 1-1.5 lbs per week is a good target. Muscle gain is a bit slower so you are looking at ~2 lbs /month. Beginners or intermediates trainees who haven't made any progress will gain muscles at a faster rate.
How many hours do I have to devote every week working-out with SHRED PRO?
SHRED PRO workout require you to stay within 3—6 hours per week. There are 168 hours in a week, and as you can see that not even 5% of your week.
What do I do after I complete the program SHRED?
Hey buddy, Fitness is a lifestyle, sure completing SHRED will dramatically transform your physique. 18 weeks (4 months) is a long time! Idea with SHRED is to lose lot of body fat and ideally bring it under 15% for men and under 25% for women. You can also try [0-20] 9 WEEK Transformation, and 11-Day Fab Detox Diet.
Will my expense related to Nutrition & Diet go up once I am on SHRED?
The SHRED diet plans consists of mostly whole foods and nothing too expensive. All the ingredients can easily be procured from your local grocery store. Since the focus will be on eating whole meals most of the time, you will probably save costs by not eating out too much and before the program ends that behavior may even compensate for more than the cost of this entire program!
Do I have to consume supplements?
As always, use of supplements (whey proteins, multivitamins, fish oils etc) is to fulfill the deficiency in your diet. It varies from person to person. Therefore I have given diet plans both non-vegetarian and vegetarian with or without the use of supplements. Use of supplements also acts as a major convenience. Personally, I consume whey protein not became I cannot get enough protein from my diet, but because it satisfies my sweet cravings and is hugely helpful when I am extremely busy. Well, don't we all are?
Akash, can’t I just find this information FREE online somewhere?
No. My business model is simple: 95% Content FREE and 5% content Premium. SHRED PRO is Premium content. You may find fragments of what I provide in SHRED PRO elsewhere or even on my blog, but nowhere will you get a Step-by Step, Specific and Consise system to achieve a SHREDDED physique.
What happens after I order?
After your payment has gone through you will get access to your dashboard where you will be able to access your course. At the same time you will also get an opt in email if you want information-packed emails that will help you keep on track with program SHRED PRO.
Can I pursue SHRED if I have any health concerns?
If you think you have medical concerns like certain past injuries/surgeries etc then you should consult your physician before starting any fitness program. I am not a doctor and cannot guide you when it comes to giving medical advice.
Are there any refunds?
The SHRED system will 100% work for you if you remain dedicated and focussed throughout the program. However, for any reason you think it’s not working out for you, SHRED is backed up by a 30-Day No Questions-asked Money-Back Guarantee, although I would hate to see you go:(

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